Sawa Sawa Beach House

Welcome to Sawa Sawa Beach House! Located right on Kenya’s southern coast in Msambweni, we offer an unbeatable view of the Indian Ocean. It’s the perfect spot to watch the waves, the sun, the ebb and flow and the ever-changing sky.


A day at Sawa Sawa

Catch the Sunrise: Start your day by watching the sunrise over the ocean in the early morning.
Feel the Breeze: Enjoy the ocean breeze that cools off the tropical heat.
Beach Time: Relax on our private beach, shaded by palm trees.
Swim and Chill: Take a refreshing dip in our crystal-clear swimming pool.
Lunch is Served: Savor a healthy salad paired with a crisp, cold white wine.
Low Tide Exploration: Stroll along the expansive sandbank and reef during low tide.
High Tide Adventure: Dive into the ocean when the tide comes in.
Village Walk: Join a guide for an authentic walk through Msambweni village.
Afternoon Delight: Return in time for some afternoon tea or coffee.
Twilight Moments: Experience the twilight sky and watch as the stars and moon appear.
Dine on the beach: Enjoy freshly cooked seafood on the beach.
Restful Slumber: Sleep soundly to the soothing sounds of the ocean and rustling palm trees.


Sawa Sawa Beachhouse is a Dutch-owned, small, eco-friendly boutique hotel in Msambweni. The rooms are built around a patio with large trees that create a local atmosphere. There are many spots to sit, enjoy your coffee, or work on your laptop. Beautifully located on the coast of the fishing town of Msambweni, between Mombasa and Tanzania, and away from the crowds of Diani.


Outside in nature.

A crystal-clear swimming pool with several sunbeds is exclusive for guests. The ‘banda’ serves as an open living room situated between the beach and the pool, making it a great place to read a book or meet friends. Our beautiful private beach, furnished with comfortable sunbeds, lies in the shade of coconut palms. Swimming in the ocean at high tide offers another unique experience. High-speed Wi-Fi is available in the rooms and on the beach. No loud music or TVs here—just the sound of ocean waves. A truly original and special beach house for nature lovers.